Praise For Prayers For Your Future Husband + Join The Conversation With Other Future Wives

Hello there future awesome wife!

It’s Frances here, author of “Prayers for your future husband”.

We have had some glowing reviews from our sisters on this book but then, we do not want the conversation to stop at that.


Mobolaji Olorisade

“The revelation that Jesus is my husband before any other physical husband simply took me into a life where I was full and immensely satisfied with Jesus.” Although I love this whole book, that sentence stood out for me. This book by Frances Okoro is not one that pushes you to be desperate for a Continue Reading

Social Entrepreneur and Christian Blogger, February 25, 2017


There are millions of women in the world – yourself included.

We would love to know your thoughts.


Have you read “Prayers for your future husband” yet?

What are your thoughts about the book?

What struck you deeply?


And more importantly, I wrote this book  in a letter form to my future husband..

I would love to read your own words to your future husband also.


Join the conversation with other Future wives!


Comment below with your review/words to your future husband arising from the book “Prayers for your future husband”.


Every week, we shall feature these awesome comments on social media and who knows, someone may just get a goody bag of great stuff per week 🙂

Join the conversation at the comment section below.


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