WATM Series || The Power Of A Praying Man + Giveaway For Men

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Where are the men series

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Where are the men seriesSince I am writing a book on Prayer and Prayers for your future husband at that, I have found myself thinking about “the man” sometimes. Some people might argue “Frances, why are you writing a book on prayers for our future husbands, what about the men? If we pray for them, how are we sure that they are praying for us?” This is for the ladies. The truth is we cannot be sure of what the man is doing right at this moment. Who can tell whether he is even born again or not? Maybe it’s even the prayers God is laying on your heart that […]

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Let’s Talk About Breaking Soul Ties

Dear Single ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think that I have ever told you guys about the journey to being free from the boyfriend with whom I had the whole abortion deal with (trust me even I sometimes I am tired of my story, I go “Lord again??” But it seems like the Lord wants to use me as a guinea pig to help others and that’s fine, so far as it helps). Leaving that relationship was such a struggle. We had had so much done together that at first I was scared about how I was going to live alone. The tie was that strong. I remember when I finally had the courage to break the relationship and go […]

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Where Are Your Souls With Which To Greet Him?

I was reading a book by Robert Liardon titled “I saw Heaven”. It’s an account of his trip to Heaven when he was 8 years old. And I and my sister got talking about Heaven and how it would be such a joy to meet Jesus, see Jesus physically, laugh with Him and just be with our saviour and Lord. And from there we got talking about our crown. My sister said something like “it’s as if we should just go now ba?” And I said “no, my crown won’t be so large right now, my reward won’t be so great now, I can’t die now”.   We both started talking about Luke 15 where Jesus talks about what joy […]

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‘Where Are The Men’ Series || On Spiritual Covering/Mentorship

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Where are the men series

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Where are the men series“Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, in keeping with the promise of life that is in Christ Jesus, To Timothy, my dear son:…” -2Timothy 1:1a I read the words above in my Bible and I wondered: ‘how many men are still addressed as son by someone out there?’ Paul addressed Timothy as “my dear son” and in that word is encompassed all Timothy was/grew to become. Paul was Timothy’s teacher, friend, mentor and spiritual authority. Someone who he could learn from. Someone who had walked the paths that Timothy wanted to tread. I would like to ask you sir, “who is […]

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The Truth About Sexual Sin

I was at a speaking engagement last week where God showed Himself in great ways and left me wondering about “what just happened!” I didn’t even intend to speak on anything, I was just going to share on my book “10 steps to walking in purpose”, but then when I think that my heart is tilting more towards money, I ask the Lord to help me see through His eyes. So yes, I went with my books but with an even greater desire to see souls reaped for Jesus. I have been haunted with a need to win souls for God this year and have purposed that every speaking engagement or stuff that I do has to draw in men […]

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Recounting Testimonies Of God’s Divine Provision

I have a lot of faith journeys to do this year. And the way things are coming up is unreal. Firstly, I had been so beaten down by 2016 my mind was blank about 2017. All I wanted to do was to get back to my vine. But then from TWTW Warri meet God began to speak to my heart. He had things for me to do. And just like God, they are some big and scary things. First the book launch of “prayers for your future husband” doubling as a meet with ladies to hold in Port Harcourt. Then The women at the well first book and meet… all in February 2017.   Yesterday I was getting a bit […]

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‘Where Are The Men’ Series || The Family Dynamics

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Where are the men series

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Where are the men seriesSince I started working on “Prayers For Your Future Husband”, I have been awakened in a whole new way to the cracks that have been left by men in today’s world. This series was triggered out of the need for men to rise up and take their place in the things of God. I remember I and Bolaji were discussing that particular day on her book when ‘where are the men’ popped up. The series popped up for her to share on it and she wrote on it on her blog  (you should totally check out Redefined Masculinity on B’s blog). I wasn’t going to write […]

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When Sex Becomes An Idol

My dear single men and ladies, How are you doing today? I am doing great but for an annoying back pain and some serious stepping up in fervent prayer I have to do. But today isn’t the time to talk about that, let’s leave that for #OnlineBibleStudy.   We had some very “interesting conversations” on the Women at the well this week. From marriage to sex, to parenting, to prayers, etc. etc. Even the married women pitched in and started sharing from their experiences at a time. Don’t worry if you aren’t yet a part of us, look out for our next meet in February which will double as our book launch and join us.   And by the way, […]

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My NGO Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ Initiative Goes Live!

Hello my darling blog family! I am excited and also a bit nervous to share this today. If you are an “old blog fam”, then you know that I started “Awakening Youths” in schools when I was a Youth Corper (how time flies! October this year would make it two years since I passed out of NYSC). After spending some time with God in January 2015, asking Him what He had for me to do, I got that my work in schools hasn’t ended, it had just begun. I was led to register the NGO and get started. I started the process even when I didn’t have money and God met me at the point of my need. An amazing […]

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Where Are the Men Series || Spiritual Authority

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Where are the men series

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Where are the men seriesI have been working on my soon to be released book “Prayers for your future husband (Spirit led prayers for the one whose name you don’t know)”. Need the book? There’s an awesome pre-order deal ongoing. See more details HERE   I woke up on Saturday with the words “Spiritual authority” ringing in my head. And during prayers, I remembered something the Bible says that Job did and I went down there. “When the parties were over, Job would get up early in the morning and sacrifice a burnt offering for each of his children, thinking, “Maybe one of them sinned by defying God inwardly.” Job […]

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How To Be Better Wives & Mothers + Husbands & Fathers

My dear single ladies and gentlemen, It’s hard to believe that this is almost the third year running since I started writing Frances’ love letters to you all. The passion still as strong and the message still as clear; we have to do this love and marriage thingy God’s way.   I had a fight with my mom few days back. I should have known it was coming after I wrote Love Never Fails. I always get tests on love when I share on it, like the teacher has to eat the pie too. I don’t know how I did with this fight as I broke one rule of love which is the fact that love forgets. I remembered. I […]

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