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I'm Frances Okoro, the physical hands and feet behind this blog - our blog.

I say "our blog" because it's mine, yours and God's.

I am a Lawyer, Author, Speaker And Social Entrepreneur who is passionate about raising girls and women of purpose for God.

You can read more about my other works HERE.


Imperfectly Perfect Lives Blog is a part of what I do for God, offering up my gift of writing for His use. To change the lives that He brings my way.

The blog started in September 2013 (You can read our first post Here if you wanna go down memory lane 🙂 ) but it wasn't until September 2014 that it began to take shape along the lines of what it is right now.


I remember asking God about the blog when I felt led to take it further.

What would I write about Lord?

What's the message going to be about?

And He gave me Matthew 5;16 (MSG version)


"Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven."


He says "keep open house, be generous with your life..."

And I asked Him, what does it mean to lead an open life?

To be generous and open with our lives so that others can also open up their lives to God?


I have found out since 2014 that God meant exactly what He said with me.

I have been led to share on my parents marriage...

I have shared stories of the past.

Baring things bare.

Things like:

Even though my parents are re-married now, there was a time when they were divorced and quarrels and fights were the order of the day.

And my background forms the basis for Frances' Love Letters on the blog and my passion to help people do relationships and marriage God's Way.


I have been led to share on deep things about my past life too.

I have shared on my past abortions and God's mercy in my life.

All aimed inspiring everyone who comes across my story, to also open up their life to God.


I have been brutally open with my pain. my fears and struggles.

I have laid it all bare on this blog, opening up parts of my life that I am not comfortable with to  lots of people across different nations.


But of course, I now realize that this is it; this is the calling - He called me out of my imperfections, He made me perfect in Him and He is still making me perfect in Him.

My life is not my own, I am meant to lead other imperfect lives back to Christ.

I am meant to show them the light through my own life.

He did not save me for myself; He did not save me for me alone.

I am not meant to hide it all – He is God of the good as well as the bad/worse and I should actually rejoice, I should be excited at the opportunity to share His testimony in my life

I should shout it all on the rooftop even; He has turned my imperfections into springboards for perfection and He can do the same for you.


Jesus says in Matthew 5;:48 -

  " Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."


But then most of the ills that Christians do are predicated on the phrase of “I am not perfect”

But still, God says that we should be perfect. It is obvious that His standards are for us to be perfect, but what does He really mean?

We are all imperfect people right and there seems to be no way we can be perfect.

But God says that there is a way to be perfect.

And the Amplified Bible explains it better..

"You, therefore, must be perfect [growing into complete maturity of godliness in mind and character, having reached the proper height of virtue and integrity], as your heavenly Father is perfect."

-Matthew 5:48


We are all imperfect people BUT we can find perfection is in Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can make our lives shine.

If you are willing to let Him come in…

If you are willing to lay aside all imperfections….

Then come along with me as I share my brutally honest imperfect everyday life with you on this blog and inspire you and I to take steps to be perfect in Christ even as our father is perfect.


What You Can Expect From The Blog

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Wednesday's online Bible Study

Friday's featured writers

Saturday's Frances's Love Letters

Awakening Youthful Seeds

And my Personal Memoirs


Whichever of the words on here you stumble into, I simply hope that you will leave this blog with the certainty that God has more for you and you can live forth every area of your life in Him.


Love and Light,



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  1. I stumbled upon your blog today, and I was ‘wowed’, just learnt something from you. Keep giving glory to our Father by the good works that are seen even as you let your light so shine, my sister!

  2. Woah!.. I really am wowed! I had to read & ‘re-read’ to make sure I grasp the many nuggets embedded in this about…the weirdest About I’ve ever seen! …& sharing your result is just another shocker!
    More grace F! Keep keeping on…

    “faithful is HE that calleth you (from your imperfection…) who also will do it (& make you perfect).”1Thes 5:24[KJV]
    Just …hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering; for faithful He is that promised. Heb 10:23[KJV]

    I really admire your grace! I pray you touch more& more lives for Christ!

  3. I’ve read Matt 5:16 a zillion times and I ‘ve even read the Message version a couple of times too but I’ve never interpreted it this way.

    ‘be generous with your lives..’

    Girl, you are very brave and I think that comes from knowing who you are in Christ. You know it’s not about people’s opinion after all, it’s about pleasing God.

    I salute the God in you!

    • I never got the message in those words “be generous with your lives too” till a certain day when it just struck me..God used that to speak to me and i’m still grateful for the revelation.

      Thank you Buqie, indeed, our God is awesome! He who is in us is able to wrought mighty things with mere earthen vessels, I salute, I salute our God too!

  4. At this point ,I’ll have to join the chorus to say that you are brave.Its one thing to be imperfect and another thing to be bold about it…thank you dear for being real and relatable ..You’ve really made my day hun…really our imperfections are spring boards to perfection…happy Cheer’s

    • God bless you Presh…
      May God grant us grace to be molded in His hands…continually reaching forth to Him to make us perfect and not reaching out to the world…

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